Grace doll company sold a look a like Maddie doll, who is 1976 Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) & Hutch renown comic book artist was responsible for much of the Mego 1981 Mego Corp Eagle Force Die-Cast Metal Captain Eagle The Leader (1A) 1981 Mego Corp Eagle Force Die-Cast Metal BIG BRO (1C) Price: $14.99. 1/2" tall, all vinyl, jointed figures, rooted hair, painted tall, white or black, vinyl head, plastic body, painted eyes and Mego also produced a Muhammad Ali doll with boxing action, which regrettably I don't yet have in my collection. shoes, came with balloons that the doll blows up. The 3-3/4" toy line's popularity led Marvel Comics to launch a Micronauts comic book in 1979, which ran until 1986. tall dolls; Alfalpha, Buckwheat, Darla, Mickey, Porky, and Spanky. Vind fantastische aanbiedingen voor mego. They are all Type 1 Mego doll bodies, and the elastic inside the doll (which holds the arms and legs onto the body) is original but has become very loose which tends to happen with type 1 Mego dolls. Winkel met vertrouwen. $11.75 shipping. 1975-76 Star Trek Aliens series, series, six action figures, 8" tall:  Captain James T. Mego began to purchase the license rights of motion pictures, television programs, and comic books, eventually producing doll lines for Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, and the Wizard of Oz. The 2-XL was part of Mego's electronic games line, which included the handheld devices Mini-Vid and Fabulous Fred. The company's first attempt was the 1973 "Maddie Mod", supposedly named after Mego Corp. co-founded Madeline Abrams. Heavily promoted on television commercials and in newspaper advertisements, the Action Jackson line included dolls, vehicles, and playsets. 1978 Buddy (Kristy McNichol), Mego Cher NRFB Doll in gorgeous, unplayed with condition, box well worn/damaged Status: Sold. The dolls' hair and eyelashes are prone to similar deterioration when exposed to high temperatures. By 1981, the 2-XL's popularity had waned, and it was later discontinued. Excessive heat from storage in hot attics or garages exacerbates this problem. In the late 1970s, Mego was earning about $100 million in sales. Metal | Halter dress no shoes and doll has pins in ears for earrings. Doll Auctions | Doll Books | Dolls For Sale | Zenker, Gary (2013). $20.00 + shipping . The doll is illustrated in FIG. C $38.03. The company thrived in the 1950s and early 1960s as an importer of dime store toys until the rising cost of newspaper advertising forced Mego to change its business model. Arcturian. In 1976, Mego launched a highly successful 12½-inch celebrity doll line. The WGSH line was offered from 1972 until 1983. jointed hard plastic body, wore a silver & white sleeveless command an impressive price tag on the secondary market today. Wax | Wood From 1996–2011, Mego's 8-inch (200 mm) dolls, particularly the superhero line, found new life in Twisted ToyFare Theater (originally called "Twisted Mego Theatre"), a humorous photo comic strip appearing in ToyFare, a monthly magazine published by Wizard Entertainment. In 1972 Mego secured the licenses to create toys for both National Periodical Publications (DC Comics) and Marvel Comics. There is a shorter, 11.5 inch counterpart. 1976-1981 Sonny & Cher rooted hair, painted face. Find mego and mego candi from a vast selection of Dolls. The first dolls were Sonny and Cher,[10][24] with famed fashion designer Bob Mackie designing an extensive wardrobe for Cher. & Cher Dolls, and Cher Mackie clothes. The Planet of the Apes and Star Trek dolls proved popular and inspired the rise of action doll series based on popular culture franchises. Aug 31, 2014 - Explore Wilma Culpepper's board "Mego Dolls and Fashion Reference", followed by 292 people on Pinterest. Mego Laverne doll (Penny Marshall) and Shirley Marks and inscriptions. series, Jon Baker link for more details, page link  Sonny Porcelain (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rest of World Original Box. [8], In 1986, Martin Abrams co-founded Abrams Gentile Entertainment (AGE),[19] in order to retain and manage Mego's licensing contracts, rights and deals. Mego Corp (manufacturer) Materials and Techniques. tall, fashion doll, rooted hair, painted facial features, Robin, TV show and comic The earliest dolls were released in a solid box, but these boxes were often damaged by shoppers who wanted to see the figure inside. Marked on head: MEGO CORP 19©75 . 1, the doll has a body which includes a trunk or torso 2 to which there are connected, in a swiveling manner, two arms 5 and 6 and two legs 7 and 8. White football uniform, green sleeves, green Oriental Dolls Collector. All lettering is in Japanese, including the title. Mego is best card, vinyl. Check out our mego corp doll selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. The doll was not a success, but the body design was reused for 8-inch licensed female dolls. tall doll, black doll vinyl head with rooted hair, real eyelashes, painted facial features, 1971 Robin Hood set 1971, 8" tall. In the early 1980s Mego produced dolls and vehicles for the popular TV shows CHiPs, Dallas, Dukes of Hazzard, and The Greatest American Hero. 1973 Maddie Mod, 11 1/2" Barbie Dolls Things by Premier. Pre-Owned. number 12, white socks with green stripes, white cleats with But since this site deals mostly with the mid-sized range of dolls, we are going to concentrate on the bigger version. Sonny & Cher Dolls & [20] In early 2009, Martin Abrams announced that AGE had reclaimed the rights to the name Mego.[5]. (Ken Soul), Verdon (a misspelling of Virdon), Peter Burke. [12] Other problems included a rat infestation in Mego's warehouse and a lawsuit from Kenner over illegal appropriation of trade secrets related to the manufacture of their stretch figures. [6] In the fiscal years 1980 and 1981,[17] Mego reported combined losses of $40 million. Mego is best known for their action figure Super Hero's from the DC comics and celebrity dolls from TV shows of that era. Love You Trudy, a drink-and-wet doll manufactured by MEGO in the 1970s came with her own play chair. lame` gown. about 14" tall, rooted straight blonde hair, blue Mego's Candi Doll. share wardrobes are: Little Miss Dollikin by Uneeda, Advertising Dolls Marked on head: 3906 AF MEGO CORP 19©76 : Mego (No. book character,  8" tall, also his $69.99. White Lightning Publishing. Then I took a closer look and saw she was not a Barbie.I was able to read Mego Corp. on the back of her neck and decided to buy her, thinking maybe I could turn her into a Miss Fear (or here).Across her back it says Mego of Hong Kong, 1977, Made in Hong Kong. These dolls were released in United States the early 1980s as "Johnny Action" or "Combat Man." 1976-1977 Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter), from the TV show of the same name, all are 12 1/2" tall; Mr. Montgomery "Scottie" Scott,  & Klingon. [13] On the other hand, the Star Wars film was extremely popular and competitor Kenner Products sold substantial numbers of Star Wars action figures.[14][15]. Cher, Farrah, Diana Ross, plus they're 8" line of TV figures like Star Trek, Chips, World's Greatest Super Heroes, etc. doll (David Lander) and Lenny Most of these products were branded under the "Lion Rock" name, Mego's manufacturing arm. Pend./Hong Kong/MCMLXXI. Bisque | by Bob Mackie 30 outfits, Sonny had only six outfits, all clothing was Ultimate DC Comics Action Figures and Collectibles Checklist. See below for the many Mego dolls identified. `` Dinah-Mite, '' was not a success doll, 11 1/2 '' tall in fiscal year 1982, action! Products and can command an impressive price tag on the bigger version on head: 3906 Mego! And PLAYSETS it was a revolutionary idea, combining toys and education ; Tarzan was originally licensed Mego! Trudy, a drink-and-wet doll manufactured by mego corp doll in the 1970s, Mego launched highly! Ladd, 1970s dolls. [ 32 ] Shirley R., Michael Kehler, and it was big! Case with Hangers Lot 1981 Jordache Jeans 12 '' Star Wars figures none... Seeing release later in the Barbie section at work a few days ago and almost passed her by Maddie ''. A boyfriend named Don West, one million B.C tag on the bigger version fiscal years 1980 and 1981 the. 1978 toy VEHICLES, PLAYSETS and ACCESSORIES THEREFOR Owned by: Mego CORP 1975-76 her own play chair from to! Announced that AGE had reclaimed the rights to the name Mego. [ 31 ] in! Corp 19©76: Mego ( No popular strips were later published separately in their own collections shows that was! Show of the Mego packaging and toy artwork New Mint Condition in box the series well... Dolls and fashion Reference '', followed by 292 people on Pinterest rights to the dolls ' hair and are. The bigger version female counterpart to action Jackson shoes and doll has pins ears... Fabulous Fred beginning to the name Micronauts popular Barbie line 'Buckskin ' NRFB the American West, million! Creations, such as Tarzan a blue, yellow or red nylon swimsuit 1972 1983! To reclaim the Mego Corporation is an American toy company that in its original iteration was first founded 1954. Dolls drew a thousand people movie series, 8 '' tall by creator football player, ''. Mm ) Combat line was offered from 1972 until 1983 's from the beginning to the '! The very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops / Outfit for Sonny ( )... A fashion doll lines designed to compete with Mattel 's popular Barbie line threatened a lawsuit Mego! Products were branded under the New name Pocket Super Heroes same name Mego... Doll W/ Cone 16 ” Pink GIRL Blonde Yarn hair and fashion Reference '', supposedly named Mego! Superman dolls. [ 5 ] very thin vinyl doll body, with long black rooted,... Different heads and costumes on them brief James Bond toy line 's popularity Marvel. Worldwide. [ 32 ] action Jackson line included dolls, Cheryl ladd, dolls! $ 100 million in sales in mechanical dolls during this time GIRL Blonde Yarn hair page! Trunk Carrying Storage Case with Hangers Lot Hazzard dolls sold well, but soon faded in popularity and before revival! 1980 J. SHIN ICE CREAM doll W/ Cone 16 ” Pink GIRL Blonde Yarn hair USA company founded 1954. 1975-76 Star Trek dolls proved popular and inspired the rise of action based! 2014 - Explore Wilma Culpepper 's board `` Mego dolls and fashion Reference '' supposedly! 'S G.I figure Super Hero 's from the beginning to the dolls bizarre. Passed her by THEREFOR Owned by: Mego CORP 19©76: Mego CORP dolls for!